Stormy Weather – Holland Marsh Ontario Canada

We had a really nice storm down in the Holland Marsh in Bradford West Gwillimbury today, was hoping to catch some lighting but never did.. maybe next time… Location Tornado Drive & Simcoe Road. #BradfordOnt #BWG #THUNDERSTORM #Canada Ontario Storm Tracker The Weather Network 

Farming in Bradford Ontario Canada

Transplating Onions

Exploring the History of Bradford and The Holland Marsh

Before its development, the entire area was a large wetland extending almost continuously along the western arm of the Holland River. It was part of the Toronto Carrying-Place Trail, although another route to the east was also used, avoiding the dense marshy area. In the 1880s a mattress-stuffing business flourished as reeds were harvested first by hand with scythes then by horse-drawn mowers. Horses were ferried by flat-bottomed scows across flooded areas, wearing large boards on their hooves so as not to sink into the soggy ground.

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