Peacekeepers Week Aug 4 2016 Bradford Ontario Canada

Bradford West Gwillimbury – The Mayor and Council hereby proclaim August 4 to 11 as Peacekeepers Week, and August 9 as National Canadian Peacekeepers’ Day in Bradford West Gwillimbury.

The Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping, on behalf of the past, present and future peacekeepers living in Central Ontario, respectfully request that on August 9 of this year and henceforth that the U.N. flag be raised and flown for the day.

It was on that day 40 years ago that a Canadian aircraft was shot down during peacekeeping duties, killing all 9 personnel on board – still the largest loss of life for Canadian Peace keeping, in a single day; Cpl. B.K. Stringer and WO C.B. Korejwo were 2 soldiers from this area who were killed.

The flying of the colours will honour the memory of the Canadians who have given their lives in the service of peace, and will demonstrate our continued support of the brave men and women who are currently on active duty in foreign lands; let us also continue to recognize our hometown hero, Sapper Brian Collier, among the Canadian soldiers who lost their lives while serving in Afghanistan, and honour their sacrifice and the sacrifices of their families and loved ones at home;

Therefore be it Resolved that his Worship Mayor Rob Keffer and Members of Council hereby proclaim Aug 4 to 11 as Peacekeeper’s Week, recognizing Tuesday, August 9 as National Canadian Peacekeepers Day within the Town of Bradford West Gwillimbury.


August 4th to 11th – Peacekeeper’s Week 




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