7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill Restaurant Review- #7Skewers #Bradford #Ontario #Canada

My wife and myself had a kid free day last week, ( thanks Mom) So we took advantage of it and went out to the newest restaurant in Bradford for lunch..

7 Skewers.. The restaurant was very spacious with a spectacular design, the atmosphere was incredible, we really enjoy it.. The food was amazing from the bread to the pickled vegetables and to their house salad which was covered with an amazing balsamic vinaigrette… The dishes were beautifully served… The waitress was very kind and friendly, even one of the Chiefs came by to ask us about our meal. We will be going back . I promise not to do to many food reviews, but had to do this one..

7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill                        7 Skewers Website
           448 Holland St W L3Z0G1                                    7 Skewers Facebook Page
            Bradford, Ontario, Canada                                 7 Skewers instagram Page

7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill  

7 Skewers Mediterranean Grill 448 Holland St W L3Z0G1 Bradford, Ontario, Canada Photo by  Nicholas Molnar Photography


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