Exploring the History Of Bradford Ontario Canada

Exploring the History Of Bradford Ontario Canada 63 Frederick Street

The George McDonald House – 63 Frederick St.
Ontario Vernacular Cottage. 1 ½ storey 3 bay cottage. Symmetrical façade. Gable roof. Single entrance door (original) with rectangular glazed transom. Large 8/8 double hung windows. Stone foundation. Also, retained stone foundation at the back of the property from original stable and stone steps, masonry columns, and architectural cement caps with a walkway at front of the house built by George McDonald. George McDonald a bachelor, stone mason, and contractor who emigrated from Scotland at the age of 27. As a stone mason and contractor, he was hired to build the old Presbyterian Church that once stood on the corner of Church & John Streets. McDonald Lane was named after Mr McDonald. Circa 1882. He was responsible for building homes and schools in this community.
On Wednesday, January 31, 1940, George McDonald passed away at the Douglas Memorial Hospital in Fort Erie, Ont. at the age of 91. Had been a Bradford resident for 61 years; only moving away 4 years prior to his death. He is interred in Mount Pleasant Cemetery where the Rev. Graham conducted the service.

63 Frederck Street George McDonald House

The George McDonald House – 63 Frederick St. Bradford Ontario Canada by Nicholas Molnar Photography


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