Forgotten – Homestead Canada

Forgotten Homestead Canada

The cold harsh winters of Canada have taken its toll on this old Farmhouse that was erected back in the early 1918’s

Forgotten Homestead Canada

Forgotten Homestead Canada By Nicholas Molnar


Iconic Farm Mural of The Holland Marsh Gone For Ever… Bradford Ontario Canada

Iconic Farm Mural of The Holland Marsh Gone For Ever… Bradford Ontario Canada 


Taken on Friday Sept 10th 2016

I am very disappointed at the loss of the Art work. What is wrong with people? This was one of my favorites, it is devastating to see it gone… The mural was defaced and obscene images and words were spray painted on the wall.. So it was painted over. The Holland Marsh mural was painted in back in the 1990’s, Every day I strive to preserve the history of Bradford Ontario Canada and its heritage one picture at a time. Thank goodness I took a picture of the Mural earlier this summer. I would love to hear some of our Historians and Art Lover out there what you think about this.


Taken 11/5/2016

Updated 11/5/2016, I was informed that the owners of the building are going to have another Mural put up in its place, this is great news, I look forward to seeing what the put there. 
Thanks Nicholas MolnarLife Long Grass Roots Bradford Resident 

Two Midland Painted Turtle’s Spotted in the Holland Marsh Bradford Ont Canada

These two Midland Painted turtle were seen down on Pump House Road in The Holland Marsh – Bradford West Gwillimbury. The Midland Painted turtle is one of the most abundant turtle species in Ontario. They can be found in all types of water bodies including ponds, marshes, lakes, and even slow-moving creeks.


The Midland Painted Turtle by Nicholas Molnar Photography


The Holland Marsh Bradford West Gwillimbury

The Holland Marsh in Bradford West Gwillimbury is a wetland and agricultural area in Ontario, Canada, about 50 kilometres (31 mi) north of Toronto. In its entirety it comprises about 21,000 acres (8,500 hectares), with two distinct divisions. Historically it has simply been referred to as “the marsh”

Holland Marsh Bradford Ontario Canada 2016

Holland Marsh Bradford Ontario Canada 2016 a

The Holland Marsh – Bradford West Gwillimbury, Ontario, Canada 2016