Carrot Fest Bradford 2019 Biggest Carrot Festival in Canada!

What is Bradford – Carrot Fest? Where did it come from?

The  Bradford West Gwillimbury Carrot Fest is one of the Ontario’s best festivals.

For the ninth consecutive year, it has been recognized as a Top 100 Festival by Festivals and Events in Ontario.

The annual event, features various activities, entertainment and vendors, celebrates the area’s agricultural heritage and the role carrots play in the BWG economy.

Carrot Fest 2019 Bradford Nicholas Molnar Photographer

Carrot Fest 2019 Bradford West Gwillimbury Ontario Canada

“Voted as one of the Top 100 events in Ontario by the Festival & Events Ontario for the last 9 years, Carrot Fest returns to Bradford West Gwillimbury! BWG’s 2019 Carrot Fest will take place in the downtown area and at the Bradford & District Memorial Community Centre at 125 Simcoe Road on Friday, August 16 and Saturday, August 17. The event includes a large vendor market with hundreds of vendors, Aqua Dogs, Professional Wrestling events, BMX Stunt Shows, Kids Zone, live stage entertainment and more!

Bradford West Gwillimbury Council 2019 Carrot Fest Nicholas Molnar Photography

Carrot Fest 2019 Bradford West Gwillimbury Ontario Canada

The black organic soils of the Holland Marsh make Bradford West Gwillimbury one of Canada’s biggest carrot-producing regions and the ‘Heart of the Vegetable Industry’. Carrot Fest is a celebration of the region’s agricultural heritage, especially the role played by the carrot in the local economy. Carrot Fest is a way to bring the community together to celebrate, encourage participation and generate pride. What started as a merchant-based community has now developed into a historical event involving not only the residents but people from the global community.”- Source


Commemoration of 100 years since the armistice.

Trinity Anglican Church – 56 Church Street, Bradford, Ont, Canada
Sunday, November 11, 2018  – Bell of Peace: The bell will be ringing 100 times starting at sunset (5 pm) in commemoration of 100 years since the armistice.

Trinity Anglican Church  Bradford Ont

Trinity Anglican Church – Bradford, Ontario Canada, 56 Church Street

Bradford The Helping Hand FoodBank

Discovering Bradford Hidden Gems
The Helping hand foodbank
Bradford Ontario Canada 123 Moore Street
“The Helping Hand Food Bank, also known as the Bradford Food Bank, is located in the heart of Bradford, West Gwillimbury at 123 Moore Street. Helping Hand Food Bank is a registered charity whose mission is to provide free groceries to clients in our small community who are struggling to make ends meet.”

The Helping hand foodbank Bradford Ontario Canada 123 Moore Street

The Helping hand food bank Bradford Ontario Canada 123 Moore Street

Fierté Simcoe Pride – Bradford West Gwillimbury #FSP2017

Fierté Simcoe Pride
The flag raising took take place on Thursday, August 3 at 1:30 pm in front of the Bradford West Gwillimbury Courthouse at 57 Holland Street East.
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Fierté Simcoe Pride - Bradford West Gwillimbury

Fierté Simcoe Pride – Bradford West Gwillimbury 2017

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